The surroundings

The name Languedoc has changed, we are now part of Occitanie but the rich nature of the National Park of the Cevennes, with its famous Gorges du Tarn, is as beautiful, astounding, remarkable and breath taking as ever.

And only 100 km (80 miles) from the Mediterranean, it’s nice most of the time, even in winter. Lots of described walking tours, starting from the camp site or from further on, go biking (attention: it’s steep here !) or take the kids for a walk with a poney 30 minutes ride away.

The brook is down at the bottom of our domain and other (non naturist) rivers are also at 20 minutes as is the castle St Pierre at St Germain de Calberte or the horse riding centre at the Col de Jalcreste.

For spéléo (real cave adventure) , or the via ferrata you can go to Florac or the Gorges du Tarn and the Causses (chalk stone plateau) at an hour’s ride. It’s only 30 km, so the road is not long, but winding!

At the same distance but to the north, you’ll find the Mont Lozère, the granite part of the National Park 

For Nimes, Anduze, Uzes, and Vézenobres, reckon on 1,5 hour, for Avignon, Arles or Montpellier between 2 and 2,5 hours. 

Some suggestions to do or to visit:

  • The bamboo park near Anduze
  • Go for a ride with the steam train
  •  Visit a cave, for example in Trabuc
  • Le Vallon de Villaret: a bit far, but certainly worth your while; strongly recommended for young and old.
  • Le Fage: 2 houses but with an ancient bell tower and common bread four and close by you’ll find the Runes, a (small) water fall.
  • Near Florac: the Bondons and the champ with menhirs.
  • The”sentiers de découverts” = described trails showing different places of interests like the foot print of a dinosaur,
  • the village Barre de Cevennes, the silk worm raising culture, menhirs and dolmens etc.
  • Go and see the vultures at their feeding spot, with explanations about their successful re-introduction 
  •  Castle les Portes, where volunteers are continuing with the restoration while at the same time organizing excursions and activities.

Some of the many other possibilities:

  • Nîmes has interesting Roman vestiges like the famous arena
  • Anduze is a small rather touristic town but still nice and the bamboo gardens next to it are certainly worth the journey.
  • The little steam train St Jean du Gard- Anduze et vice versa is appreciated by children
  • Vezenobre, a tiny mediaeval “town” has an interesting fig festival in autumn
  • Uzes the old duke town has a totally different feeling
  • Avignon in summer is where it’s all happening: music dance and theater, either inside or out on the streets
  • Florac is alive in summertime, St Enimie is only a bit further on and while you are in the neighborhood, make a little detour to Fages , a tiny but interesting hamlet and the small waterfall at Runes
  • Other towns a bit further on, at a two hours drive, like Montpellier, Arles or Sommieres are also worth a visit.

Video fragments

Click here to view one of the interesting videos of the Cevennes